Why I still have LifeLock

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

About 5 years ago in November I received an email about changing my automatic Direct Deposit for my SSA check. I thought it was suspicious so I went online & immediately froze my SSA account. I Knew about LifeLock but hadn't decided to sign up. Two nervous days later I signed up for LifeLock. Low & behold in February I felt like a genius as alerts start coming in from LifeLock. I WOULD HAVE NOT KNOWN ABOUT THEM! The LifeLock agent I first interacted with calmed my nerves and explained the process. Then I learned that I needed to learn about the process & paperwork needed to fight the Identity Theft. Just a few I.E.: Group calls with LL agent & the creditor... that there are more than 3 credit agencies... that banks may not use the big 3 credit services but check clearing services... that some will require paperwork to be faxed & no emailed pdfs(I had tossed my fax machine 3 years earlier...had to hook up my multipurpose printer to a hard line) ... or you had to upload documents through credit companies website... that you need to file an Identity Theft claim with your local police department(my city assigns one claim number for all incidences...just call and use that claim# )...and... that each ID Theft claim can take more than 8 hrs of your time!!! After several successfully cleared claims I was assigned a Restoration agent. I was fairly proficient by then & together we resolved & cleared existing & new issues. I am very, very happy I got & still have LifeLock!

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